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    Generally, Job seekers have two options in front of them while pursuing their career opportunities.

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Welcome To MentorUS

The Right People, Skills and Competencies

In an emerging and most sophisticated market like Information technology, MentorUS Global has proved itself as the leader in offering quality services in Human Resources and Software consulting in every nook and corner of the world. We specialize in placing top-notch, highly-qualified software professionals. MentorUS Global offers proficient professionals on permanent and long-term contracts keeping an eye towards future business needs and ensuring it’s phenomenal achievement.

For Employer

MentorUS Global LLC helps business establishments in converting strategic business initiatives into results on focusing your business requirements. MentorUS Global LLC is dedicated to offering excellence in IT services.

For Job Seekers

MentorUS Global always strives to provide an inspiring, entertaining, optimistic and fun-filled work atmosphere that speaks of mutual achievement. We give people a chance to explore themelves and their potential while providing the opportunity to create great products and experience the enjoyment and satisfaction that goes along with that.

Career With MentorUS

MentorUS Global, LLC in Baltimore, MD, is seeking experienced Senior Software Engineers. Individuals will use standard occupational tools and apply advanced theoretical knowledge of Computer Science

IT Staffing Service

Technology has been transforming at breakneck speed. MentorUS Global is dedicated to offering excellence in IT services while posessing a wide and thorough understanding of the technological services most in demand in today’s business environment. MentorUS Global helps organizations convert strategic initiatives into results by focusing on your unique business requirements.

Project Team Staffing

With high-end expertise in the field of software development, MentorUS Global also undertakes the responsibility of helping customers with the development of projects that need a team of next-gen technologists.

Employment Services

Generally, Job seekers have two options in front of them while pursuing their career opportunities. One is on contract basis and other one is based on salary or permanent.


If you feel you have the skills and know-how to be successful in the field of information technology, then MentorUS Global is the right place to start. Jumpstart your career with world class companies in the USA.

Client Reviews

“MentorUS has been a great addition to my project teams in the past. When we needed highly qualified Web developers, they provided us with the right candidates at the right time and the right price. I look forward to working with MentorUS team as they bring quality and value to my team”.

 Vice President
Vice PresidentCitiGroup

Employee’s Reviews

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to work at MentorUS Global LLC. I have had a great experience working with every associate at MentorUS. Thank you for helping me in my career.”

Lead Java Developer
Lead Java Developer Muthukumar Reddy

Find out how Mentorus can provide customized staffing solutions for your organization by contacting us today.