Employment Services

Contractual Jobs VS Full-Time Job

Generally, Job seekers have two options in front of them while pursuing their career opportunities. One is on contract basis and other one is based on salary or permanent.

Full-Time Employment

MentorUS Global has multiple options for the benefit of the job seekers. Let MentorUS Global be your career guidance to find a full-time and satisfactory job. We take into consideration every aspect of your interest while having placement process. We keep an eye on your personal, financial and personal goals as well. Our recruiters’ help in multiple ways and means starting from resume writing to offering coaching which helps them finding the most suitable job. We have already placed hundreds of full time professionals in multiple segments. We have vast experience also in providing IT Job that will help you finding your next IT job. We believe in developing relationship with hiring manager belong to the different segments and utilize years of experience for your most preferred job in long-term basis.


Some job seekers are desirous to have their job on the contractual basis or as a consultant. The positive point in this regard is that it pays much more financial benefits than the full-time employment. Getting a contractual job is the doorway to learning new skills and top-notch technologies. The major benefit of contracts is to get new opportunities and develop professionally within a short period of time since you are less likely to extend your contract once it is completed. Apart from this, if you are fond of travelling, you are also likely to get many opportunities to have not only domestic but also overseas travels that facilitate learning new cultures and environments.


If you are an IT professional and in search of full-time position, MentorUS Global offers solution for those who are on the contractual job to permanent staffing. The job shifting solution program will help you achieving and demonstrate you latent abilities that can bring outstanding achievement in a long-term position. The major benefit of converting from contractual job to full-time is that you can better understand the work culture and office etiquettes as well. This process is appreciated everywhere since you can find the company that is most suitable to you. Furthermore, the contractual job is financially highly rewarding. Most of the IT professional found that they received handsome package in contracts than full-time job. In a nutshell, the candidate can easily understand the benefits the company that offers after remaining in a contractual position.