Corporate Social Responsibility

Going Green is a philosophy deeply rooted in our culture here at MentorUS Global’s Corporate

MentorUS Global operates in an ethical manner according to the tenats of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We understand sustainability is imperative in global business practices and are fully committed to lessen the impact of our business on environment.

Making sustainable environment investments is our first and formost duty and guiding principal here at MentorUS Global ’s Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR) division.We have always striven to develop an in-house business culture that helps neutralize any negative effects on the environment.

We also encourage our workforce and others to help perserve the earth and set an example by making our surroundings a pleasant and environmentally concious place to live and work. We share our knowledge in plantation and forestation.

MentorUS Global’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy has following facets:

  • MentorUS Global supportsinvesting in and using alternative sources of energy to lessen carbon emmissons whenever possible. For our part, MentorUS Global offices utilize solar power.
  • MentorUS Global believes in partnering with manufacturers of green or electric cars, while promoting the same practices among our offices, workforce and associates etc.
  • We use materials which are recyclable whenever possible.
  • The offices at MentorUS Global utitlize systems which lessen the use of natural gas, electricity and drinkable water.
  • Reduce the use of paper as much as possible.