About MentorUs Global

The Right People, Skills and Competencies

The blend of the right people, skills and competencies speaks the story of your achievement. The people at MentorUS Global locate and research those people with spectacular proficiencies and skillsets in the latest technologies to help your business dream take shape and ensure you reach your goals with far less time and effort.

The popularity of MentorUS Global has remained intact since very outset. We are committed to maintaining and creating professional relationships not only with our clientele but also our candidates.

MentorUS Global a leader in the field of providing a wide range of staffing and services in the United States. We have successfully helped establish numerous businesses by offering and identifying highly talented professional and educated employees in every sphere.

With unceasing effort in connecting individuals with emerging companies, MentorUS Global has helped boost careers and the bottom line of top-notch companies. Our research oriented people are extremely intuitive and flexible enough to find comprehensive resources that recognize the necessity of emerging companies and assist them partnering with versatile leaders and talents.

Our Sustainability Goals for 2016

  • Saving energy by means of consolidating data center servers via virtualization
  • Reducing waste through recycling all paper, plastic, and electronic items
  • Doubling our commitment to community investment through increased local volunteerism and support for local charities.
  • Organizing a smokers’ cessation program as part of an overall workforce wellness initiative

Human Rights

MentorUSGlobal puts its continuous efforts into creating a better world by providing an inclusive workplace that is welcoming of diversity and respectful to all.

At Mentorus Global we are alaways mindful that it’s business needs to be conducted with utmost dedication, honesty and in accordance with all applicable laws. Our policies make it clear that we consistently do our business ethically and closely follow all guidelines pertaining to business conduct and legal obligations. This applies to all of our employees wihtout exception.This applies to all of our employees wihtout exception.
MentorUS Global has apparent accountability mechanisms that monitor and report full compatibility with these directives.

Mission Statement

Our Highest Priority is to fulfill customers’ needs to the greatest extent by providing phenomenal budget friendly services with whole hearted dedication. We want to make your business a success story by offering rarest technical talent available.

Our Services

MentorUS Global specializes in providing staffing services to versatile range of clientele starting from emerging midlevel companies to well established global enterprises. Our resources cover all level of executives ranging from administrators to high-end developers. Our professional staffing services cover:

  • Consulting
  • Right to hire services
  • Full time Employee Placement

Diversity & Safe Work Place

MentorUS Global upholds and supports the removal of unfair practices with regard to occupation and employment, and promotes diversity in all respects pertaining to its business operations. We also offer our employees a safe and healthy working environment.
Our rules and regulations make sure that the human rights are taken into consideration while making procurement decisions.