Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Service excellence is a cultural change. It takes preparation and time … so does recruitment. MentorUS Global LLC is known for providing top quality deals to the businesses large and small located around the world.

Businesses across the world trust MentorUS Global LLC to provide outstanding service. We have phenomenal reputation in the area of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our specialty is providing the right personnel from versatile backgrounds who can manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously. By choosing to work with MentorUS Global LLC, you will be a winner in the staffing crusade with far-less time and effort while keeping within your budget. MentorUS Global LLC does not compromise on the quality of its services for which our reputation has remained intact for years among the world class clients. The RPO services we offer are quite popular with the organizations we have worked with.

MentorUS Global LLC is always striving to update its database of intelligent and qualified people from all walks of life. Outsourcers are in contact with potential employees via multiple tactics including everything from traditional methods to social media. We offer tailor-made Recruitment Process Services that fulfill the exact requirements of your business. Our dedicated and experienced recruitment team is passionate about helping you streamline the recruitment process and complete system setup. MentorUS Global LLC ensures that only the top performers are retained by you. On the other side of the spectrum, MentorUS Global LLC helps ease the recuritment process for IT professionals by shortening the time it takes to acquire H1B Visas and getting established at the client’s location. We ensure the recruitment process is extremely smooth from start to finish.

What can our Recruiter do for you?

  • Search: Search for top performing resumes to fill current vacancies.
  • Source: Source passive professionals suitable to the vacancy.
  • Filter: Filter and scan every resume in minute detail to pick the ideal candidate(s) to fulfill your requirements.
  • Interview: Contact shortlisted candidates and determine their availability to discuss vacancies.
  • Technical Checkup:Our recruiters all come from technical backgrounds and are at home in performing an initial round of technical interviews.
  • Background Check: Operate background checks and obtain references.
  • Co-ordinate: Keep continuous co-ordination with account managers.

How you Benefit:

  • No pay roll expense
  • No need to pay for extra benefits
  • No need of office space to accommodate the recruiter
  • Easy access to major resume databases
  • No commitments or long term contracts
  • Money-back guarantee for the first month without any questions
  • Outstanding opportunity to employ an assistant recruiter if you are overloaded with work
  • We ensure that we manage all the backend work which helps you concentrate on vital business and creating new clients.
  • Recruiters are free to source for all open positions & our recruiter becomes an active member of your team!
  • Lets your recruiting staff put more focus on interviewing, qualifying and hiring the top candidates within shortest possible time.
  • Save money by not having to pay for expensive resume databases.
  • Save even more money by reducing the necessity of hiring, developing and maintaining a set of highly skilled professionals.