IT Staffing Service

Privileged to offer elite IT Staffing Services

Technology has been transforming at breakneck speed. MentorUS Global is dedicated to offering excellence in IT services and posseses a wide and thorough understanding of the technological services most in demand in today’s business environment. MentorUS Global helps organizations convert strategic initiatives into results by focusing on your unique business requirements.

Contract Staffing

  • Reduce Employee Costs
  • Offer full-fledged support for forthcoming projects
  • Fulfill the needs of qualified employees both on short-term and long-term basis
  • Recommed adjustments to size of workforce depending on the requirements and needs of your business

Direct Hire Staffing

  • MentorUS Global takes complete responsibility of screening the profile of the candidate and his recruitment. Our motto is to do your quality work so that you can concentrate fully on your business.
  • We use versatile range of techniques to find the deserving candidate who can serve your business whole heartedly.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

  • MentorUSGloball provides the option of hiring employee on permanent basis.
  • You are free to observe the employees to ensure they are a good fit and sufficiently results oriented for your business. You may at your discretion hire the employee on a full time basis at the end of the contract period.

Guaranteed Delivery Program

  • MentorUSGloball believes in work than claims. Our business exists on guarantees.
  • Guaranteed exceptional business nexus
  • We hold meetings with you to discuss skillsets, project details, and work environment.
  • We supply the manpower those who are well-versed in their profession after through scrutiny.
  • In the unlikely event our placements do not meet or exceed your expectations, you pay nothing for up to one month, or we will offer you alternatives to fulfill your requirements.
  • We support you until you have achieved your goal.